Work, Self Love and Care

Hey everyone!

I have noticed an increase in videos on tick tok, instagram and facebook all talking about how its okay to feel lost, unmotivated, down, sad, lonely and more. It’s hard having these feelings and knowing what to do with them, how to accept them and then how to heal and move forward from them.

I want to talk about this. From a personal view. I’m not a professional, my experience is different to yours, and I can’t tell you what will help you or what will work for you. But maybe I can help you take a step forward

With COVID a lot of us had to start working from home. Breaking up your private life and work life when its in the one location can be hard for some. So lets start there. This is how I break up my day from work and private life

I have been working from home for 5 years or so now. It’s something I’ve had a while to adjust to so I don’t take for granted that privilege. First thing first is have a room for your laptop. If you can’t then setup somewhere that’s work area on. When I wake up, I do my face, brush my teeth and hair. Sometimes I get dressed, but its winter and flipping cold as heck so I work in my oodie! I set a time to start work. Use 15mins prior to eat and make myself tea or coffee before I start.

Once I sit down I try and make it that every 1hr I get up for 10mins and move around. Even if its to wash the dishes, drink some tea, sit outside, walk around the block, anything. Something to give you a break away from the desk. Home or office, this is something that you should always do. When you finish work, make sure you sign off and step away. Don’t go away for an hr then come back and do more. If you do that it will never feel like you stopped working!!

How do you stay motivated? I’ll be honest. Ive struggled for a good 6 months to be motivated. I know what I should do, what I can do, but that doesn’t help me get up and do it. Start small. First limit social media and screen time. Even if its only for 30mins or an hour. Spend that time doing something. Boredom is the best state we can be in as that’s when we learn to be imaginative and creative. We start to seek something that will entertain our mind and body. Slowly you will be able to have 1hr, or 2 hrs where you will spend it doing something that’s not on your phone or tv. Writing, reading, drawing, crafting, working out, climbing, anything! Just start small and reward your achievements!

I didn’t think much of it at first but after being sick for so long I’ve learnt how important it is to eat right! Eat healthy and you WILL feel better. Ive been unwell for 7 months (still recovering) so my diet has been messed up. For the same period of time I have been unmotivated, drained and down. Your body and mind are linked. Look after one and it will effect the other. It’s not hard to have some more veggies, meal plans if you can’t motivate yourself to cook, or just drinking more water. Again start small. Aim to eat 2 more fruit a week! Or 2 more veggies! Prepare 1 meal a week at least. That’s all it takes to get started.

I had more question I plan to answer in a seperate blog so watch out for part 2. If you have any questions then let me know and I’ll answer best I can’t.

Take care of yourself! You are doing great!

Lots of love


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