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Colours of Autumn

Vintage Bike in the Colours of Autumn

At the start of May, when the leaves on the trees had already started to change colours, Jenny Wu from Straight no Chaser Photography and myself went out to the arboretum to do a shoot with my electric blue vintage look bike, her camera, and the various colours of the leaves.

We got very lucky as in one spot all the leaves were a yellow colour, then further down the track we found trees which had every colour ! We aimed to do the shoot just on dusk so we could get the nice low sun light filtering though our shots. Surprisingly it wasn’t actually cold that afternoon as it had been freezing every other day in Canberra.

The shoot was a blast. Riding the bike around, wearing all autumn coloured clothing. OH! Did I not mention that borrowing of clothes and going through my wardrobe to find the perfect match items for Autumn took place? I did and BOY was it worth the time! (Thanks to Nicole for the jumpers !) I mean, it was like doing prior research of the seasonal colours so at the end I had all these outfits already sorted out that I may not have worn in that combination before.

So the plus side of this shoot, OTHER than the AMAZING photos that we produced is the fact that we are being published in a magazine! Which one? I will tell you once it gets published!

Oh now here is the best part! The shout out yo!!! I am gonna tell all of you who the awesome team was that help put together this shoot.

FIRST UP – Jenny Wu from Straight No Chaser

SECOND – This is the lady responsible for my Makeup!  Steph Church MUA

THIRD – Terri is the lovely lady from Meki Saloon

LAST OF ALL – Nicole Powell for the loan of her Jumpers and scarf!

Some Other Noter: Jumper – Dotti, Skirt – Forever New, Shoes – Wittner and Scarf – Collette.

Now what kind of person would i be if i didn’t show a Teaser image. I mean my header banner is from the shoot but you cant see AAAALLLLL THAT! So shh – Here you go

Sam Autumn High Res-30

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