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Nose Job and Some

Nose Jobs and More

About 8 months ago I did an interview/article with Leiden magazine about my experiences with plastic surgery. This included injectable and a nose job.  This article is to go more in depth about the whole procedure of my nose job.

Starting point. I literally went to the cheapest surgeon I found regarding plastic surgery. It was in Sydney at the Australian plastic surgery in Broadway. I did get quotes from domestic and international, but found the results (and cost) were pretty good with APS.  Tip: Always go into for a consult with the surgeon. You will know from that if you think it’s right or not to use them.

Consult. I came in and met with my doctor. He explained the options, looked at my nose, firstly told me he thought it was fine (so that’s proof he isn’t out to make money) but I insisted I just wanted something a bit smaller. Few photos, pricing, and hospital talk later, I was feeling pretty happy about going ahead with the process. It was at this point he told me about dermal fillers for under my eyes. (BEST THING EVER!)

Surgery. Its day surgery. Operation took a few hours and my partner had to be with me as I would not be able to drive after waking up. I feel asleep and woke up. No pain, just a bit groggy. I had a small bandage over my nose. NOTE – when you sit up after a nose job, there will be lots of blood. So have a towel or something ready. I got breakfast with my uncle afterwards, before walking into town hall to meet up with my father-in-law and get dinner. I remember very little of my walk and really I probably should of just jumped in the car with Aaron and driven home.

Days following.  You will not want to leave your house for at least 5 days after surgery. Your nose and eyes are puffed up. You can hardly see and it just feels uncomfortable. So take the time to rest up and relax at home. Warm salt cloth on the face helps with the swelling. Beware of sneezing and DO NOT hold it in. Just be prepared and brace yourself. Other than that I had no pain after the surgery.

Check-up. Week later I went in to get the remaining stitches removed.  My nose hadn’t hurt at all til the stitches came out. It was just such a sensitive area that I teared up quickly. Doctor checked my nose and saw everything was going well and looked good. I think I went back in about 4 weeks later for my last check-up in case there were issues or questions. Everything was going well for me and everything seemed to check off so I was pretty happy.

1year later. Your nose takes 6-12months to finish setting itself after the surgery. This is when you see the final end results and I gotta say I was super happy with me. The end of my nose was still a bit swollen and held liquid for 6months before it started to go down.

This is the before and After. After being 4 years later. After is the left and before is the right.

I have never looked back and regretted my choice. I get a lot of compliments on my nose and how it suits my face now so I am even happier that I went ahead and did it. What I have learn from the experience is to share it. Even if it’s a bad one so others know and can learn from mistakes you had along the way.

The next operation (no joke) is my breasts later this year. So I will definitely be writing up my experiences from that.

Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to answer any questions or clear up any doubt or thoughts you had about the operation. If you have any questions then please email me. It will remain private so don’t worry.


Xoxox Cos with Sam


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