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My fitness and workout

I get asked all the time what do I do and when the bloody hell do I find time to do it?

I do not. I do not find time like I used to.  I used to hit the gym 5-6 days a week. Every morning at 5:30am. But now I make the time. You will read blogs, and workout guides about people telling you to MAKE TIME to work out. It’s flipping hard. You work full time, you have a family, you have your own personal commitments like wine with friends, Jazz night, dance, family dates, and you get the idea. Your week will get full, your time becomes less and less. In amongst it all you need your own personal time, clean the house, do the dishes, and prepare dinner. So how are you meant to find just a bit of time to fit in a workout among it all? You don’t! Nah I’m just joking let me tell you what I do and I don’t want you to mimic it but maybe take it with some salt, then sugar, then tea and hopefully it helps.

After having my baby, I struggled to find time to go to the gym. I was learning on how to be a mum. I was able to hit the gym at least once a week. I told myself Saturday morning was my gym morning but it wasn’t enough. I was taking soccer back up but I didn’t have the fitness to match it.

About 8 months ago I decided I would get my fitness back. My son didn’t rely on me to get him to sleep anymore and I had the motivation. It took a couple of weeks to get into it but I told myself 30mins 3 days a week is all I needed to get myself fit again.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are my workout days.  If I missed a day then I would make sure I do the workout the next day. I started to pick Tennis back up for fun and would play it one day a weekend if I could.

So sounds easy, sounds simple, now where does the time part come in? 30mins? Okay well that’s a lie. First get dressed. 5mins. Then you need to setup your workout area. Maybe about 5 or 10mins. If you still got motivation to go ahead with your workout then you spend 3mins to warm up. Suddenly 30mins turns into 45mins. Once you work out you then got 5mins to cool down. Now it’s 50mins. I’m probably doing the opposite way with you by now and the motivation isn’t happening so let me dumb it down.


This is a key motivator for me. B&J

All I have is 2 weights and a yoga mat. That’s all you need. I wear my workout outfit for like 2 hours sometimes before I do my work out. That’s fine.  Sometimes my warm up is doing the washing, vacuuming, or general tidy of the house cause that’s all you need. Then I smash my 30min workout.

I do it on my lunch break and eat at my desk. So doing those 3 days a week is no issue what so ever.  There is nothing wrong with missing a day either. Life gets busy and it happens! So do the workout another day! If you need to do it on your weekend because that’s easier than do that. Find your 30mins wherever you can.  Then make it work from that.  You will find your routine builds up and it will become second nature.  My motivation is that I know I feel good afterwards. After I have smashed myself for 30mins I feel accomplished and better for doing the workout.

Never let someone tell you that you are doing it wrong and that its easy to find the time. Its not. You might have to forfeit some personal time to fit it in and that would be time to yourself you really need. Working out clears my head of everything else. I focus on my moves and my breathing so its the best kind of break for me. Friends notice it too. I’m more positive when i work out from all the goodness feels running through your body as a result of the workout. Working out should be fun not a task. It will be hard to get started but as your fitness builds up you will find you might enjoy it and like doing the workout. Just make sure you are doing it for you and you wont regret it ❤

If you ever want my workout guide then let me know. I will happily share it with you! I will even more so be glad to help motivate you to follow it! Or try my best too!



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