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Vogue Online Shopping Night

Morning everyone!

Hands up if you were up late last night combing the internet looking for all the Vogue sales and getting yourself some new outfits? Getting some good deals on Christmas gifts, Melbourne cup races, Work event dresses, and other wonderful events and occasions that you NEED a new outfit for?

*Puts hand up*

For those who went to bed early or didn’t have time, I am here to help you out as i did all the searching for you. For people who don’t know what the Vogue online shopping night is, pretty much its 24hours of various sales across many MANY websites, and its all online! (Some allow shopping in store as well, i believe)

So Here is a list of sites and their sales to help save yourself some time before the event ends at midday today!!

I am sure I have missed some sites, there are a few not doing anything, like David jones Zara, Saba, etc. But here are some of the bigger ones!

If you know of any sales happening that I haven’t listed, Please let me know so I can add them to the list.

Happy Shopping everyone! AND remember, please shop wise and smart. Don’t get something just to wear once and throw out, get something that’s good quality and will last you awhile. Fast fashion is still a growing problem! While events like this and black Friday promote cheap, fast items, all the sites I listed sell good quality items and I trust you all will buy thoughtfully and love them for years to come ❤


xox Samantha


Photo – Lydia Downe

Designer/Outfit – Bianca Capavlic

MUA – Melissa Ann

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