Autumn Trends 2020

We are coming up to that time of the year as it starts to cool down a bit and so out comes all the trends for autumn as inspired by the recent fashion weeks and walks that has been happening.

Some of these trends are on repeat so for those who are already all over the trends will have some of these items in their wardrobe for autumn. Now trends are just ideas that designers have decided are popular and common for the year, but it never means you aren’t still cool if you go against them!

The coolest version of you is you!

With that said, here is some Fashion info for you!

Oversized jumper

We have seen this one before. Inspired from the boyfriends wardrobe. So either you have a stolen boyfriend jumper hiding away, and you have claimed for yourself or you like the joys of comfortably loose clothing laying around to throw on as the weather gets cooler

Mix n Match

You would have seen patterns continue to show up over the last few years as an ongoing trend. They are a great statement piece to have hiding in your wardrobe. Well now It’s time to mix them up. Those pinfold shifts with some diamond pants are the right combo to be wearing this autumn


So I got a story for you on this one. I was bowling at kingpin and the lane over from me was a lady. She was dressed all in white. White sneakers, top and pants. What stood out was that her top only had 1 long sleeve. We have seen the one sleeve dresses, but the jumpers with only one sleeve are coming in as well as the general cut of the item. I’d like to think this style came about from sleeping with one leg out of the blankets thus resulting in being at the perfect temperature.

Punk style

 With looking at the new artist like Tones and I and Billie Eilish you can see how a somewhat punk fashion is making its way into the trends this autumn. You black, Goth, cool, studded, punk style like jumpers, pants and jackets will be show casing their ways around outside this autumn and why not? See mum! It’s not just a phase! It’s a trend!

So these are just some of the cool things you can expect this autumn, but don’t be afraid to wear what you like and what’s comfortable.

Hopefully for others I was able to save you some time and research into Trends for 2020.

Feature photo by Jenny Wu from Straight, No Chaser

Lots of love

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