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Period Underwear

Let’s talk Periods.

They suck. Most of the time. For some of us it’s a small little celebration of “Yes! I’m not pregnant” For others its “Damnit, I’m not pregnant!” and for everyone else it’s just another day each month where the rain begins. Now as an id, the first time you get your period you are wondering what the shit is going on, at least I was, because I was poorly educated about the matter at the age of 13. But that’s not what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about Panties. Specifically, period Panties.

We have seen the ads and we have heard about them. Period underwear. This wonderful creation that’s environmentally friendly, comfortable, and don’t really cost us that much extra. Now I’m not saying other things like the menstrual cup isn’t great as well, but I have noticed that while these wonderful things exists, there isn’t many people who use them, scratch that, voice their experience with them personally.  I’m not talking about sponsors telling you how wonderful this is and paid influences to get you in on it, society is becoming wise to your games you sneaky advertising people! We went personal and un-paid truth.

So here it is.

They are great! I got 3 to start off with (used one just in case so the other two can be returned – disclaimer – that never happened) they have a med-heavy flow, light-medium flow, and a light flow. This is good as we all know everyone’s periods vary. So why are they so good and what’s the pros and cons.

Let me try answering the questions I have gotten over the last 6 months since I started using these.

Moisture. No. I don’t feel “wet” down there unless they are getting full, but even then you hardly notice it. It honestly just feels like normal underwear that you are just bleeding into.

Absorption. Look for the first 2 days I got me that heavy flow. So I would wear one heavy- medium during the day and a second at night. No accidents, no evidence, no crime. For the rest of the days a medium-light flow covered me during the days and also sometimes the nights as the week went on.

Smell. Never noticed any. UNLESS you like wear the same pair for 3 days….which is…nasty. They ONLY time you will notice a smell is if you are a lazy bum who doesn’t clean them afterwards and let them sit in the laundry sink for a day or more. This leads me to:

Cleaning. Easy you just rinse them under warm – hot water until the water runs clean then you throws them in the washing machine with everything else. Super easy! I think you can also soak in a bucket for a bit but I wouldn’t recommend it.

How many do you need? Well it depends. Moodi Boodi does a starter pack of 8 underwear which I think is a good start and a good deal. But if you know your flow then you can figure it out yourself. I would say get at least 4. You can wash ones you use first and they dry quickly so you can cycle them.

So where can you get them?

SheThinx and MoodiBoodis are the ones I recommend and also the only two I have heard personal reviews from as well. I have Moodi Boodi, however I recently found out they use wool so it’s not Vegan friendly. However She Thinx is.  But I will leave it up to you to decide which you prefer.

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer to the best of my ability!

Happy weekends!


Cosy with Sam


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