Traveling with a Baby

My husband and I love to travel. We decided a baby wouldn’t change that. In fact the baby would enjoy and see wonders of the world with us, making it that much more special. We constantly get asked, how do you travel with a baby?? Simple. We just do.

Travel with a baby or a young child doesn’t have to be hard, tiring, or difficult as long as you prepare correctly. Our son is 19months old. He has been to Europe, Japan (TWICE!) and around Australia a few times. He flies well because we have been flying and traveling since he was 8 weeks old, so it was normal thing to him, BUT here are some tips for anyone flying for the first time, second time or ANY time with a young one.

  1. Be prepared

Depending on how long your flight is you obviously want to make sure you got enough food, nappies, wipes, and clothes. The airline might have spare nappies (we have used them!)

2. Bring Toys

Even as adults, planes are boring and I’m sure your baby will get over the “look out the window” quickly.  So make sure you have fun toys for your baby on the flight. If you aren’t against it, the TV can be good too sometimes.

3. Flight attendants are your friends

I cant recall how many time the attendants were begging to talk my baby off me so i can drink my hot chocolate and she could walk around with him. They are always more than happy to help where they can because they know it can be hard to travel with babies.

4.Try to Chill

Its harder said than done, but your baby will know if you are stressing out. If your baby cries, they cry. You as the mother, can just do the best you can to calm your baby and settle them. Don’t feel pressure by other passengers to do it quickly. They have headphones if its bothering them. Your baby is more important and any half human being would understand.

5. Surprises

Every now and then you will get seated next to or near someone who LOVES babies. They will be more than happy to hold them for you, play with them, or walk around with them while you sit and relax for a bit. This is the best thing about traveling. Meeting wonderful people.

Sora, my son, loves playing peek a boo with passengers behind us. hiding behind the curtains, and running up and down the aisle. He is soo happy you can see other passengers smiling and laughing and the air gets a bit brighter. Babies and Kids can have these wonderful affects, so never be afraid to take your baby on a plane.

*Feature Image taken by Who shot the Photographer

2 thoughts on “Traveling with a Baby

  1. I love these tips, we recently took our first family trip to NYC from CA and although it’s not too long of a flight, it sure is for a 3 yr old. We had held back in the past due to my younger sons health issues. However, now that he is healthy, we are eager to visit more states in the US. Great post!


    1. Good to hear! and you’re welcome! Ill be writing up more as our son gets older!
      How did your son go on the plan? It can be fun if its made fun ❤ ❤

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