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Ways to by stylish on a budget

So I am definitely the kind of person who probably has too many clothes. I just cant find myself to sell/throw out/or pass on clothes that I think I might wear. Even if I was only wearing the clothes once a year!

Anyways  whether you like simple and basic wardrobes or one full of statement clothes, there will always be times where you need something more. You either need a new outfit or you are missing that one or two items to help complete your setup for a special event or night out. So instead of going out to the shops spending $$ on something that hey!, Lets be honest, you might only wear this one time, lets talk about how you can do this without busting your bank balance.

Su Casa Mi Casa – My home is your home

Friends are great, am I right!? Even better when you just need “that” white top or “remember that skirt you wore last week at Sally’s birthday??” I mean, this only works when your sizes are the same or similar but if you can borrow something from a friend its much better than buying it new and not wearing it again. Plus it means that that item is getting a little bit extra love when maybe it would not.

Everyone loves salvos

Op shops are always good for a bargain, however they are now wise to brand name game, which means they know which items are worth more than your standard $4-$7, however! That doesn’t mean they don’t have good bargains! They are still great for a lot good cheap things, lets just hope its in your size!

Material pleasures

Now talking about your designer name brand clothing, this is the place to go. Material pleasures are in Fyshwick and it has some pretty neat stuff you can check out. They will still be $20/$40 dollars or so, but the items were bought from someone else to sell on and find a new home, so it’s a good recycle system where the seller gets something for donating their well-loved and good condition clothing. Plus lets not forget you are supporting a local shop and brand

Buy Swap and Sell

Now this place is good. Jump on facebook and either browse for what you want or just ask people to share what they have in the style and size you need. Works a treat! I love it. You can always find something good and plus you will get it cheaper and it means you are helping someone out. The person you bought it from now has money to maybe buy something new or loved. It’s a wonderful cycle that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t but hey, its sometimes far cheaper than buying new.

Lastly – Garage Sales

Now, these aren’t something many go to much anymore or talk about. I used to love going to garage sales with my mum and nan on weekends and still do! It’s a good way to find some great items and something clothing. I have picked up brand new honey Birdette sets, Black tie gowns and even some great summer dresses. I mean, you need to be a bit lucky for them to sell something your size but still. It’s always worth a look !

A couple of other things to consider:
Suitcase rummage
Swapping events
Trash and treasure

Anyways I hope this helped and as always, have a wonderful weekend and take care!


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