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Galentine’s at Brown Brothers

The first time I had ever been to brown brothers was last year for their Galentines event. I didn’t even know they were on the way to Melbourne. Since that first visit, we now frequent that winery on our trips to Victoria.

Last years Galentines was amazing! There was movies, flower crown workshops, wine, food and other fun activities so I was super excited to hear they were doing it again this year. So what did we do? What did we go see? And was it worth it?
I like my reviews to be honest but also want readers to gather their own thoughts. So read on and let me know if you think you would like to go next year!
First off – Glamping! I have wanted to go glamping since I heard it was a thing and I was FINALLY able to do that and super excited for it! It did not disappoint! The setup was amazing, adorable and very Instagram worthy as you can see from the photos. We were right next to the Vineyard and this beautiful pond! The Owners of Glamping Co NE, Shane and Cheryl, had it all sorted, fridge, toilets, shower, dresser station and a lounge tent! It was so amazing and Jess and I loved it!

Saturday – You start the day off with Yoga in the vineyards which is amazing and perfect way to wake and start the day! Kismet who is a local Health hub ran the yoga session and it was relaxing, gentle and refreshing. After Yoga we headed to brown brothers for a delicious and wonderful brunch. I could eat enough of it so I may have taken a ball or two to have later.

After Brunch we headed to a cocktail making class. I thought we might make 1 cocktail, but oh no! we made 2 cocktails 2 mini punches, Each! There was many drinking and much food to be had with lots of laughs and some fun photos. We got to keep the sheets that told you what you needed and how to make it, but you can also find the recipes on brown brothers website – > Here!

After the cocktails we went for a wander into town to check out the cheese factory, smokehouse, Olives, bakery and just more food really, before we relaxed back at camp before dinner and bed. NOW! There was meant to be a cocktail party Saturday night held by brown brothers, unfortunately as there was a big concert on in Albury they couldn’t get the numbers! But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a fun night with other glampers in town for dinner.

Sunday – Yoga and brunch again! Which, let me tell you, we needed! It set us up nice and fresh for our drive home that day. It was just as delicious and relaxing as Saturday but with more thank yous and good byes when we were done and leaving. We stocked up on wine from the cellar door and goodbye to the Owners and other glampers who were packing up and ready to leave as well before we started on our 4 hr drive back to Canberra.

Thoughts? I love brown brothers, the ground and setup itself is enough to warrant a stop and maybe a weekend stay. The events? Look ill be honest, I loved it, but I had more fun last year with what they had running. It was a shame about the cocktail party but we still had fun. I would 100% go again and really look forward to next year!! I also really hope they have glamping next year as well!!!


As always, have a wonderful day


Cosy with Sam


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