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Summer Trends for 2018

With Summer just a few weeks away and the days already warming up. Its time to take to the beaches, outdoors, lakes, mountains, anywhere and everywhere that you like to go and spend your spare time. But before you do, make sure you are on point with the newest trends for 2018/2019!

You might see the words “Fashion Prozac” going around. With nothing but bad politics worldwide, designers have taken to colourful, unicorns, rainbows and magic for your summer trends. The brighter the better!

Reason for this is because they want to send a message, all because the world is looking dull, doesn’t mean we have to dress like it! So lets be bright, crazy and happy and show the world that and together we could brighten it up.

So here are your trends for 2018/2019

Primary Colours

Bold and bright! Going to the primary colours is the goal and way to go! You will be catching everyone’s attention this summer as you strut your stuff down the street. You can mix them up or wear one solid colour with confidence!


Check patterns

When you hear about check patterns you think, country, winter scarves, and Burberry. However they are making their way into summer as a much more stylish and lighter choice of clothing. You will be seeing it in the form of dresses and skirts more frequently so keep your eye out for them as they make their way into the stores.


Palm Beach

Let’s mix it together! Let’s throw bright and vibrant colours with patterns and you get, you got it, Palm Beach style! Think Hawaii, Tropical, Africa, and Palms and you will picture this new trend that’s coming in this summer. Its bright, eye pleasing and fun to look at!


Oversized Clothing

We saw this trend, or at least heard of it, during winter as more and more people started to wear oversized jackets and jumpers during winter. Well the trend has carried on into summer so don’t throw out your oversized clothes just yet! Big shirts when worn well show a great effortless choice and comfort.


Floral Print

It’s not summer without Florals. They came to our attention years ago and they have be slowly growing and becoming more and more popular by all ages. But designers are constantly changing it up and keeping us on edge with the various prints chosen and used for the floral print this summer.



There are many more so watch out for part 2! And for everyone that likes to bags, hats and a bit of bling, I will be releasing another blog soon with the hot new trends for accessories! So keep an eye out!

Have a great day!


Cosy with Sam


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