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The Step into lingerie

So I get asked a lot of questions a lot and a common one is how i got into lingerie? This then spirals down into several other questiosns regarding it so I really want to share with you my personal experiance and knowledge when it comes to modelling lingerie including humps, bumps, and the slides.

When did you start lingerie modelling/Boudoir?
I think about 5 years ago is the first time i shot Boudoir photos. It was (and pretty much is only ever) with Kerry Sleeman. She is starting to step into doing Boudoir photographer and so she need the practice and a model to do that with. Obviously I was happy to step in as something new to try and I trusted Kerry after knowing her for a few years prior to this.

Were you nervous or shy?
YES! 100 times yes! Who wouldnt be? I was 25 or so, never done lingerie, had no confidence in my body, I wasnt as fit as I wanted to be, I had no boobs, but neither does a lot of other girls so why the hell not give it ago. I wanted to feel sexy but looking sexy and boudoir is a great way to do that. Plus Kerry made sure to make me feel comfortable while we shot.

Is Lingerie shooting all you do now?
No, but I have found its something I frequently do. I just love doing it now. I am fitter and got bigger boobs and with that comes more confidence. I like to share my photos, I am proud of my body and just love it. I do love editorial and fashion shoots as well. I love any kind of modelling work I do or get, but lingerie is special. It brings a certain side of you out to the surface, one that doesnt get out a lot im sure.

Whats different since your first shoot to now?
Confidence, growth and just, the body changes all the time. You change all the time. I have gotten better at knowing how to pose for lingerie and whats flattering looks and what isnt. Experiance is always something that comes over time. I have changed my day to day look and turns out my current look works well for lingerie and I’m loving that. I now have more self-love for myself and other women.

What are the most common challenges you get or face?
I have learnt that doing boudoir is like yoga. You will be stretching in odd pose’s that make you look the best and most flattering so I prep myself for that and once I have finished a session I will stuff my face and do stretches. My biggest challenge was shooting while pregnant and then again 6months after I had my son. I still had baby fat everywhere on my body and it was different for me. To experiance that that still made me beautiful.

Ill be honest, the first time I shot with kerry I was going into a different room and covering my self up a lot and if we did implied my hands were over my boobs all the time or a sheet was. I was so self concious, but now I have just gained so much confidence with my body I dont mind. I will be talking to kerry and getting changed on the spot. Everyone has the same bits as me, we are just all different shapes and sizes. I don’t wear bras cause they are uncomfortable and annoying (unless I go to the gym then I need one!) Trust me. Doing boudoir for someone else or for personal reasons, either way its worth it and you get these photos back and think, damn thats me! I look that good! I am that hot! It really is a huge confidence boost!

If you have any questions I didnt cover then let me know! I’d be happy to answer them!

As always, love you all!



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