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Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s late. I know this! With Christmas only a few days away we would all like to think we got our gifts sorted. But there is always a surprise! Like someone got you a gift but you didn’t get them one, or you forgot about your sisters on and off again boyfriend. People are hard enough to choose for when you DO know them well let alone someone you just kinda know, so what do you get them? What do you buy as a backup gift for the just in case? Or what do you just buy someone in general?

Socks. Mother flipping Happy Socks. They are a thing and if you haven’t heard of them then you need to get off your ass and google it right now. They are bright, fun and HAPPY socks. I buy pairs for my son, I buy them for my dad, I buy them for my best friends boyfriend’s Sister! They are amazing and a great gift! People jock about wanting socks and undies but actually it’s a great gift because it’s a staple item! Happy socks do underwear btw so you could even buy a set and be the best gift giving person this year!

Okay what if you can’t get a pair soon enough? What else can you buy them?

Vouchers. Don’t snort your nose at the idea. I know I would much rather be given a $20 voucher than a $50 toaster, am I right? Unless you need a toaster in which case that person deserves a Golden Star. But seriously, who LOVED getting that birthday card from grandparents with a $10 or $20 note in it as a kid? IF you said no then get off my page, if you said yes then you will know that this is still an excellent idea. It lets the person buy something they want or need. Gift of options is the best kind of gift.

Moving along.

Wine. Champagne is usually a pretty safe bet with most people, everyone can drink it, otherwise throw it in with some orange juice and you got yourself a great breakfast starter and everyone can be merry before lunchtime! I know a lot people who love that idea, alcohol always helps get through the family times. *cough* I mean I love my family and can definitely tolerate them while sober at least 50% of the time.

Well shit, you forgot that your Sisters Dogs, Girlfriends Owner doesn’t drink and is a recovering AA member. What are you meant to do now? You gave the Socks to The girl across the road, Your mums best friends son loved the voucher, and your alcoholic drinking Brother in law has already consumed the Champagne.

Plants. I KNOW! I am going out on a limb here. But seriously, plants are the flipping best. A Good, easy to care for indoor plant is an excellent idea! They brighten up the place, help replace the air and purify it in the house, some of them look pretty or flower when looked after, but most of all, you can get a dank as pot with crude words written on it. Or not. It’s your gift. I have lots of plants in my house and love them all. I am known for my pinterest lounge room of plants and décor.

Look if none of those gifts work you always have things like:

  • Chocolate
  • Bath Bombs
  • Luggage tags
  • Hampers
  • Chocolate
  • Massage vouchers
  • The Body Shop
  • Bluetooth portable speakers
  • Instant Snow
  • Trinket Tray
  • Literally Anything from Kikki K
  • Apron and cook Book
  • Gardening Hat and gloves set
  • Beer, wine or Cider
  • Board Games/Video Games

I could go on but I feel like I have already helped you enough. So now that you have an idea you can go out and get some gifts for friends, family, pets, neighbours, co-workers, that guy you dated once in highschool, 3 out of the 5 boyfriends your sister has had cause the other 2 are in jail or hiding. Literally anyone!


You’re welcome


Cosy with Sam



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