International Women’s Day

Its that day of the year where its time to stand up and celebrate being a women in this world! Sure, there will be people out there who are demanding Men day, or argue that this is a load of bollocks. But who cares about them!

You know why? Because there is (last i checked) a 60% gap between women and men. This includes work, living, movies, etc. For a long time Men ran the scenes and women eventually got sick of it and demanded more.

FACT: Did you know that its estimated that it will be year 2234 before men and women are equally? also that this number is LATER than what was predicted last year. Now think about that for a second. Haven’t we been making progress? shouldn’t the year we are equal be sooner? What has changed in the last year that made the world doubt that?

We have had the #MeToo movement since then, surely that should of helped us move forward, but maybe it did more damage than good. But time will tell, I just don’t have all the answers for you. Anyways lets move on, this day is about being strong and positive!

I noticed a lot of workplaces do their part by holding a lunch, morning tea, etc. I work for Verizon, one of the biggest global companies. You know what we did?(I mean – Of course we did something!) Morning Tea and Trivia. The Trivia was about women, their rights, and power women in the world. The Trivia opened up a lot of eyes for the men in my work (and women) because the facts were shocking. Like when did women get the right to vote? (1902 – 2nd to NZ) What year did women get the ability to get a passport WITHOUT their husbands signature? (1983! That’s when!) Not so long ago was it?

Many of us would say we have come a long way in a short period of time, but then again, many of us are missing a lot of information because apparently we haven’t and the road to equality will be a long one. But until the day comes, we will continue to push on and demand it! Women are just as strong, smart, and powerful as men. And we are not afraid to ask for help and stand with each other.

So I hope you all have a great day today and be there to support your fellow sisters. Remind friends how much you love them and are thankful for their support. Tell your mum and grandmother that they are strong and beautiful women. Love each other and stand strong together!

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