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Skincare and Anti-aging

*WARNING – This a bit longer than other blogs so just jump down to half way for the short side

I never had breakouts in Highschool and always had good clear skin, Then I hit my 20’s and started modeling. So of course, my skin didn’t know how to react and started to lose its shit. I started hearing things like how you should start using skincare in your 20’s to prolong the ageing process, you know, that thing everyone is shit scared of?

Wake up in the morning to screams from your wife as she notices the frowning wrinkles are showing more and more, or the crows’ feet (eye wrinkles) are becoming more noticeable. Well…shit love. You should have started that skincare 8 years ago when you were young and useful, I mean youthful!

Firstly, let me just say, there is nothing wrong about aging! Men age well and so do women! Judi dench! Case closed. Over my years of trialing many, many, skincare’s to find what worked for my skin I learnt that looking after your skin doesn’t only help with slowing down your aging, but also the fact is you only have 1 skin so bloody look after it!


So, what do I do? Does it work for others? How much does it cost? (very important!) and how long do I do it for?

When you try new skincare, it takes 3months (sometimes 6) for your skin to readjust and for it to start working. My first move from the shelf products was to Arbonne. I gave it 8months and let me say, my skin hated it. It got worse. NOW, that’s not saying its bad. I have lots of friends who use Arbonne, even my mother does, and it works well for them. My skin just couldn’t handle it (and I tried all their different ranges)

A friend told me to go to clear complexion. I saw them and firstly, they didn’t want me on their full skincare. They use Rationale which isn’t cheap, but I have never been happier. I was told to keep my Korean moisturizer because it was the only thing working for me atm. I picked up their Immunologist Serum for my morning, and the Catalyst serum and DNA night cream for night time. Total cost? About $500 every 6 months. Which really, isn’t all that bad and to me, its totally worth it. I never get breakouts now and might get a random small pimple pop up, but it is gone before it can become something bigger.

Now, Clear Complexion doesn’t just sell skincare products they also are a skin clinician, so they offer other services which really, you should just go check them out. I went on a 12 weeks skin care when I joined which had me with peels, facials and omnilux lights.

Does it work for others? I think if any of my friends went there the nurses would find the treatment that works for them cause that’s their pride and joy, in saying that, I have friends who are very happy with their skincare they have now. Some cost them $900 every 6 months, others cost them $100 every 6 months. Depends on what is best for you.

As a model, actress and mum, my skin is one of the things I put a lot of pride and love into. Its why I get away as a 22 year old on a good day and a 27 year old on a bad (I’ll be 29 in a month!) Skincare is forever. Like I said you only have 1 skin so look after it. Smoking and sun will age you quickly. I wear sunscreen everyday, and so should you! I don’t smoke and stay hydrated. Skin is worked on from inside and out so make sure you look after it.

I will be doing up another blog regarding injectables so keep your eye out if you are interested!

Have a great day and great tea.


Cosy with Sam





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