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Isolation take 2

Alright so time for some new ideas for your self isolation. I’m sure you haven’t made it all the way through the previous list or maybe it wasn’t your thing so here are some more ideas for you to try out with your friends, family and solo.

SideWalk Chalk

It’s a thing I have heard and seen going around. With everything seeming dull they have been keeping it bright and fun but going out and drawing something bright and colourful on the sidewalk for others to see and brighten up their day! It’s a great idea for family too and will help keep the kids entertained

At Home Gift

If you have a friend that’s stuck at home by herself/himself and isn’t able to see others due to isolation, they might be feeling down and need some love or maybe you want to show to your friends that you are thinking of them. Good way to do this is maybe order some tea online and get it sent you their house.  A coles order with chocolate, wine and flowers. Can be anything small or big, even if you get it yourself and leave it at their door. It’s a good little hamper to make someone feel the love in this lockdown

At Home Dates

So I heard this one on triple J and it was a great idea to do with either someone you love or just friends. You cant go out to go on dates with friends or a partner so order them take out dinner one night to their house and they order you, then jump online and share your dinner with your loved one with a laugh and giggle.

Team fortress

Lets go back to child hood days. Get the sheets and chairs out and start building yourself your own house or cubby inside the lounge room or outside. Then start to make up your own little community. Have tea dates in each others homes, do book reading, or anything you want to make it fun.


If you need that creative outlet then you should look at paintings, watercolour, or drawing. Even if its something simple it can still be fun and a calming hobby to take up and explore. Don’t worry if you aren’t great at it, its more just something fun to explore and try. Doing it together or alone, it’s an enjoyable event.

Alright that’s it for this week blog for self isolation ideas.

Next one will be more of an R rated blog for fun ways to keep entertained in self isolation either alone, with a partner or something fun with your close friends.

Stay safe, stay loved and stay happy

Lots of love



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