Comfort of your own bed

Hi Again!

So, as I mentioned, part of my life is modelling and boy do I love it! Its always fun especially when you and the photographer can communicate without words.

I am pleased to say I have this kind of relationship with a few of my photographers, which makes the shoot fun, relaxing and enjoyable! Now its even better when the location of the shoot is at my own place, in my own bed! Oh the warmth! (Beats the being outside and freezing! brr!!) This also worked great as I was able to take breaks to care for my 3 month old son, put him down for a nap, then continue to shoot away!

Anyways this shoot was with the lovely James! (Who Shot the Photographer) Link to his work is on the credit page – Go check it out.

So we decided to do a nice bedroom, relaxed morning rise. It was a set of 3 stages you MIGHT go through on your sunday morning.


Firstly is getting out of bed and realizing how cold it is outside, so screw that! I would rather cuddle my usagi and go back to bed.


Step 2! This is once you are up, awake and getting ready to hit the day slowly. Tea and a book! Classic combo and great way to relax while you are mentally preparing yourself for the day!


Lastly is going outside and enjoy the rays of sunlight (before it gets tooooooo cold!) We were lucky to have a mild day when we shot. Made going outside much more bearable!

As always! you gotta give credit where it is needed! Right!?

So check out below!

  • James – Who shot the Photographer
  • Model – Me :p
  • Clothing – Denim shirt/dress – Forever New, Black Knit – Just Jeans, Autumn Dress – Boohoo, and Jeans – Jeans West.


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