Fashionable Mum

Being a mum doesn’t mean you don’t get to carry trends and style with you every time you go out. In saying that, it’s not every morning that we get a chance to think of some styles of clothes in our wardrobe that goes together. There is nothing wrong with wearing what you are comfortable in.

 But sometimes when you are going out, seeing friends, getting lunch or any reason, you want to look stylish and dress up. As a mother though, sometimes that takes time and we don’t always have a lot of that and it’s harder to make times around everything else you are doing. So this article is to help everyone out, not just mums, on how to add a bit of style without taking too much time.


dsc_3972.jpgKnow The Colours

This side of things comes from the artist within me. Knowing what colour combos match will make picking out combos easier. Rule of thumb, if the colour is on the opposite of the colour spectra, then it goes together. For example, Blue and Orange look good together because of that rule of thumb. White, Black and grey will work together, separate, or with another colour to add some pop and will look stylish af.

Photo – Lizzy Luna Photography






Most outfits can look a bit more stylish once you add a belt, statement necklace, or handbag. How does this work? As an example, if you got an open jacket then throw a waist belt around it to add a bit of something something to your outfit. If you got a nice simple black or white dress, then a nice brightly colour necklace or an eye catching handbag is all you need and I’m sure you will get compliments.

Photo – Lizzy Luna Photography


So this keeps changing and I am sure you are all as confused as I am, first we are told don’t mix patterns then it becomes a trend, so for patterns you do you! You will see two patterns together and think, hell yeah or hell nah.  But if you are ever unsure, do a pattern with a black or white counterpart. This keeps the attention to the pattern.

Photo – Lizzy Luna Photography

Oversized jumpersSam Autumn High Res-4

This is the new trend. You will see celebs wearing these figure hugging dresses with big puffy jackets over the top. The jacket itself is warm and a statement piece and it will be enough to catch a lot of eyes. Most common I have seen are large denim jackets being worn or puffa jackets. So don’t throw about your maternity jackets just yet! They might just be what you need!

Photo – Jenny Wu Photography




That’s it! For now at least. Another way to save time is go through your clothes, try mixing and matching things so you already have some outfit ideas in your mind before you go out next! Remember to make sure you dress comfortable and if this was helpful or if you have questions, let me know! I would love to help where I can.

If you don’t have belts or necklaces, jackets, or anything else in your wardrobe, then go check out Salvos or other op shops! Not only can you get them much cheaper, they have such a great range!

Thanks and enjoy your tea!

XXX Samantha


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