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Summer Trends 2018/2019 Part 2

So, after the reviews I got from the first blog for summer trends, here is our second one. This one is more focused on the accessory part of summer, cause let’s be honest, sometimes you gotta accessorize! Everyone loves a little extra something to the outfit and sometimes the outfit needs a little bit something more to really make it stand out!

So, without further ado, here is the current trends for summer accessories:


That’s right! Bumbags! Those things you used to make fun of your dad wearing when you were a kid, and everyone thought they were sooooo uncool! Well now they aren’t! They are in fact on of the coolest trends happening. But that’s also because they are far more stylish than they were years ago! With Gucci and Givenchy bringing it up to speed.


OTT Earrings

What the flip is OTT? Cause I had no idea till I looked it up. Apparently, it has everything to do with Pat Butcher! So the more it resembles those seen on Pay Butcher, the better! Picture, Solid ribbon earrings, fashion meets statement earrings and that’s how you got OTT earrings.


The Tote bag – XL!

The trend of small bags that barely fit your phone and wallet are gone! (Somewhat) Coming into summer everyone is jumping on to these adorable and stylish totes bags – extra-large style! Finally! A stylish trend that fits my tablet, towel, wallet and more! You won’t be seen walking around with three bags to fit anything in.


Comfy Sandals

Yup, that’s right. Those sandals you see your mum wearing back in the 90s are coming back around. I for one, welcome this trend! Because these sandals are comfy AF and I can be stylish…while keeping my mum look. Anyways with this trend back in and along with the bumbags, your parents are going to seem cooler than you are!



What Summer without adorable hats? So, this one has a couple. The Visor meets straw hat is back in! Again, classic from the 90s (see a trend ??) and its amazing! A summer hat you can wear with your hair up! What a great idea! But don’t worry, for all my friends who love their hair down another trending hat is perfect for you! The newsboy cap, Nautical style!! Oh yes! This one is sure to be burning hot throughout summer!

As for Glasses?

Obviously, Aviators are the way always!


This one is open to you girls! Style it how you want and whatever fits best with your outfit! Keep in mind, it will wanna be rust proof 😛


Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope I was able to help you stay trendy for summer. As for me? I will be testing out some swimwear styles soon so keep an eye out on that coming up !

As always,

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the tea!


Cosy with Sam


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