The Art of Tea

Good Morning, Good Afternoon!

Friends, family, visitors…I am a tea lover (Surprise!) BUT! I didn’t always be. In fact other tea lovers would cringe at what my understanding of “tea” was. This is a place of no judgement, but I’ll allow an exception for what I am about to tell you.

I used to drink tea, I still to, but I used to drink TEABAG tea. I never got the whole “loose leaf” tea is the “real” tea. Tea was tea. That was until my now husband showed me the truth of how delightful and flavorful tea can be and I want to share that with you all!

Get ready to be sad because back in the day, I loved tea as a drink to keep me warm that wasn’t too heavy. I hated/hate coffee, even though I was a full time barista and made a damn good one! So when I wanted tea, I’d have it, Teabag, Cream (or milk if I had no cream – Also you should try this is actually flipping good!) … … … …

… And 6 sugars

I wont deny it, I have a massive sweet tooth and anyone who knows me knows that. My sister used to joke about how I never had tea, I had sugar flavored water! It was my life and how I grew up. Teabag, milk, and sugar. Now its weird but…I love tea, but I also hate it. I hate black tea (meaning without milk). The flavor is far to strong for me (even weak tea) and it just…didn’t taste nice. Hence the loads of sugar and cream to sweeten it up. When my husband and I first meet, it was like seeing your childhood toy throw in the bin, at least that’s what his face was telling me as he watched me “destroy” my tea. It was brutal. BUT! I am not here to tell you the horrible way to drink tea, I am here to tell you the wonders of tea that I never knew until recently!

Tea is AMAZING! and there is SOOOOOO many flavors that you can choose from these days! I have easily 100+ flavors of tea in my house, I am now known as the crazy tea lady and co(aka my family). We have various tea pots, tea themed tea towels, any kind of tea strainer you can think of, and ALMOST any flavor of tea your heart could want.

You feel like having a cake tea? I got lamington! You got an upset tummy? I got Calming tea! You want that black tea that’s not too strong, and normally you would add milk to? I got you covered there as well! And every time someone new comes over and I offer them tea, I am more surprised by how they have no idea about this vast variety and flavors we have available these days. Everyone has heard of T2 by now, but what you might not know is there Banana Bake tea. Add a dash of milk and it literally tastes like banana bread minus the calories! There is 10+ difference kind of earl grey! Now before I get a head of myself, I’ll admit, It took me some time to adjust from milk and sugar to straight up black flavored tea. Also with all the flavors, you don’t want to waste money buying a full tin of a tea you don’t like. I also got you covered there!

So friends, I want to help you and this is how. There is AT LEAST 3 tea shop fronts located here in Canberra.

  • T2 (classic shop and in all the malls)
  • Adore Tea in Mitchell (They are local tea company who keep making amazing tea!)
  • The Tea Center in the City

Now before you go running out there to see how amazing tea is and whats going on let you give you some tips first. T2 and Adore tea have sample packets that allow you to make 2-3 cups of that tea. The price is about $1 a packet so you try it first. Both outlets have hot tea brewed on site available for tasting, but its normally only 2-5 flavors out of 150+. The Tea Center also has tea on site to try and when you buy a flavor the amount is measured on the spot. What this means, if you just want 19 grams of the autumn spice tea, they will get the spoon, scales and bag, and get you 19 grams of tea. Its kinda good for those who don’t want 50, 100, or 200g bags.

Next up, know how to brew tea! Any time I have accidentally over-brewed a tea, sometimes i drink it, but only 2/3rds. Why? Cause when you brew tea, a lot of the flavor sits at the bottom if you don’t stir it. It’s also where the tannin’s sit and….brew. You will know if you over did your tea cause it will taste strong, bitter and tangy. Overall, BAD! You can easily avoid this by not leaving your tea on the bench for 10 mins while you do things. Sure, some people like the strong and over brewed tea, you do you! But for those who are REAL tea lovers and actually enjoy drinking GOOD tea, then follow the packet. It tells you the ideal brewing time for said tea AND the temperature. Yes, TEMPERATURE. Different teas, brew at different temperature. Green tea is normally done at 70-75 degrees. White tea is 70-80 (depending) Black is 90-100. Again, the packet will tell you what to do. If not? Then google it.

Now that you got your sample tea, you know how to brew it, and I hope you got a tea strainer, then you are good to go and explore to vast and amazing variety of tea. More flavors keep coming out so it might take you a while to work your way through them all! To help you out here is some of my current favs:

From Adore Tea

  • Mint slice
  • Coconut cream pie
  • tea trick (great iced!)

From T2

  • Lamington
  • Banana Bake
  • White White Cocoa

From The Tea Center:

  • Autumn Spice
  • Green tea Chai

All these (minus white and green tea) can be had with milk, soy milk, cream, whatever your choosing!

So guys and girls, Tea is wonderful and is great for relaxing, snuggling up with on the couch, to have with friends, and just all-round great!

Hope you enjoy!

See you next time with tea ❤




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