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Parties and bridal shower Ideas

How many times have you had to plan (or want to) a party, a baby shower, hens night, etc and you are just spending hours googling the answers, ideas and locations to plan the perfect day? Planning events can be hard, more so since everyone is different and enjoys different activities. But it doesn’t have to be. Firstly, there are a lot of sites that have party packages including party bus, cocktail making classes, pole dancing, strippers, etc. And that’s just the “Classic” Hens stuff! So it can get a little overwhelming for some when you have all these sites, events, bookings, and scheduling to do. Well hopefully I can help you out!

Now, every girl and guy is different when it comes to parties, and some of these will suit one gender but not both. Either way it might help spark other ideas!

1. Flower Crown Making Workshop

Straight off the bat, I am giving you my favourite thing and the ONE thing I wish I did at my hens! Flower crown making is loads of fun and it’s actually pretty easy! It also means everyone has amazing headpieces for the rest of the day, OR even for the wedding day! Flower crowns can last up to a week and still look good, provided you keep them moist and cool (putting them in the fridge in some water can help). Also, once the party is over you can spray them with hair spray and hang them up or frame them for those fond memories. Who does them? Ask either local on online florists if they host flower crown workshops and what they cost. Also ask if they will come out to location if you can’t get all the girls over to the florist! Done!

2. High Tea

Now hold on, I know high tea can be kinda girly but I know a lot of guys who love high tea just as much! I mean, who wouldn’t? Tea, food, wine? Now this pairs up perfectly with the flower crown, but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to do both. Every town normally does high tea on weekends, and with various locations to pick from it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere. If you can’t afford high tea, or there isn’t one on near you, then host your own! It’s not that hard. Scones, cucumber sandwiches, biscuits, tea and wine? That sounds like my classic Sunday! Some good places to hit up would be, Hyatt Hotel, Burberry Hotel, and Adore Tea Mitchell. But there are a lot more options than that!

3. Winery

Okay, this one is pretty easy. I know a lot of girls and guys who love wine, and who doesn’t love beautiful sunny days, out in the hills of a winery, drinking, eating, and laughing? It’s a perfect start, middle, or end to a party! There are wineries EVERYWHERE and your biggest issue will be having to choose one! But hold up! Why would you go to a winery other than the excellent reason I just gave? Wineries give a calming feel as you are surrounded by nature, without the loud noises of the city – it’s quiet and relaxing. You will have options like wine tasting, tours around the winery and explanations of how they make the wine, walks or rides through the vineyards, and picnics on the lawn with live jazz music. There is lots of reason to visit a winery for your event.

4. Rock Climbing/Bouldering

Rock climbing! Your legs and arms might hurt the next day but it’s worth it. It’s loads of fun, suitable for just about anyone with the various difficulties, and it’s cheap! Now there is a difference between rock climbing and bouldering, one requires you to be in pairs and trust your partner, while the other is a free wall climb. This is a great little fun thing to do for your event, just maybe wear some shorts under those dresses! There are rock climbing and bouldering places in Mitchell and Fyshwick for all those who want to give it a go!

5. Bare Foot Lawn bowls

Now this one is perfect for both men and women. Food, drinks, bare feet, and lawn bowls. I found this to be the ideal last thing to do before you hit the town for dinner, dancing, or whatever else you have planned. It’s relaxing, fun (provided the weather is good) and something different! While all the other parties are doing Pole dancing and strippers, you can be laughing and drinking while you very badly (or very well) throw big balls down the grass to the other end. Now there is a few places that do bare foot lawn bowls. One of my favourites is the Tunner bowls club, but there are other places, just call your local bowls club and ask!

6. Brewery Tours

So we gotta give the guys something, but hey, girls like beer too! This one I experienced for the first time recently at a friend’s birthday party. We all met up at the brewery, got given a tour and several beer tastings in the mix before finishing up back at the bar where we then had lunch and the beers we liked from the sample. This was a great little event because you got to learn and see how exactly beer was made, in particular, at that brewery. Now if you don’t live in a bigger city it may be harder to find something like this, but for those who do, just take a quick look online for any breweries!

7. Cooking Classes

Now before you roll your eyes or “pfft” this idea, it can actually be pretty fun. There is a lot of varieties of “what” you can cook at cooking classes! I recently went to a raw vegan cooking class which was fun, informative, and DELICIOUS! I got to drink wine while laughing with other girls and boys there, and then you get to sit down and eat your wonderful creation! It was well worth the money, and it doesn’t have to be too expensive either! And again, you can always host this yourself at home to save a bit of $$. But it’s something I would say deserves your time and thought.

Well that’s everything I’ve got so far! Depending on the response I might write up a part 2! If anyone has any questions, or want photos or anything, please you know how to get in touch! Just shoot me an email from the contact us page ❤

And happy party planning!!



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