Self Isolation Made Fun

So this self isolation is really getting to me as I am sure its getting to others. I am a very active and outgoing person, so while my walks are still available, meeting friends is not! But now is not the time to be bummed! Lets be creative! There is lots of people posting fun little activities to do at home to keep them and others entertained so here are some of my ideas I have done with my housemates.

Black Tie Dinner

We did this the other night. Everyone dresses up really nice and fancy like, order some delicious take away food, setup the table, pull out the candles, play some tunes and sit down together enjoying your meal and company.  It was a lot of fun and something different than just cooking dinner and eating it on the couch watching Netflix.

Themed Dinner/lunch

Another fun thing we got planned is a Japanese night. Everyone is dressing up in kimonos or yukatas and will be making sushi rolls, miso soup, rolled egg, and more. Pick a theme and style your food around it. It’s more fun if its food you can all make together. Play music to suit the theme to add something a little bit more and maybe throw on a movie that line up as well.

Mini Terrariums

Now for this it will require a trip to bunnings. Everyone pitches in and you go out and buy various little plants, pots, rocks and other decorations you want. Then on a nice sunny day, sit outside with tea or wine and enjoy making your own little gardens to have in your house or room. A twist is to make a mini Herb garden!


Now some of you may already know about this game, but it’s a great game to play with multiple people in the comfort of your own home. Download it and buy it on Steam or any console. Everyone connects to your game using their phone and logging in using your code. It’s fun, exciting and be sure to get some laughs while feeling connected to everyone. Recommend this one for family!

Mini Photoshoot

Get Creative. Style a shoot, dress up, take photos and see what you can do with them. Play around with backgrounds in your house and the lighting to just see what you can find and make. It’s fun for kids as well a fun way to spend the weekend. Everyone can take turn taking photos. Then to add some more fun, post each person’s best photo online for voting! Winner gets chocolate and flowers from the others.

Virtual Picnic

Cant see your best friend and really need some girl or bro time? Plan a picnic online together. Get dressed in your Sunday best, get your food together and lay out the rug in your lounge room or backyard. Grab your phone and face time your friend so you two can sit together and enjoy a picnic over the phone (but still see them!) its fun and cute! And its great for those who are in isolation alone!


So this one might take some timing. With your friends pick a movie to watch. Lay out the beds and blankets in the lounge room. Get your popcorn ready and hot chocolate set up. Then call up your bestie on the phone, leave them in speaker. Once you are both ready hit play on the same movie and enjoy it with your friend. You can still talk to each other or mute the other if they talk too much! Makes movie night at home a bit more fun

Alright that’s it from me and hopefully I gave you all some really fun ideas. Keep an eye out for more blogs to come as I suspect we are in this isolation for a while! Otherwise please take care, stay home, and be safe!

Lots of love to you all!




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