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Getting Started Before Work

If I listed everything that’s on most mothers plates first thing in the morning, it would be way too long for this article, plus half of you already know about all the shit we gotta do and the lack of sleep that sometimes goes with it, BUT we do it with a mother flipping grin on our face and we do it bad ass.

So let me maybe group some to the top things I do to help get me up and ready for the day and I don’t mean, get the flip out of bed cause otherwise you cant feed the 10 cats you have in the house. I mean, what helps make me feel awake and ready for what the day will bring, being prepared and being motivated to kick its ass cause yesterday was shit so today will pay for it.

Photo credit to @Lizzy.barrow

Step 1. Get the shit out of bed.

Actually though, Ill wake up and unless my son is climbing on me or jumping on the bed, I will lay there for 10mins to check my notifications from the night before cause some shithead messaged me at 1am thinking I would actually be awake. Once I have cleared my schedule Ill feel a bit more awake and ill go brush my teeth, do my skincare and maybe untangle my hair out of the messy as bun i put it up in.

Step 2. Work out your shit

For this I actually mean workout. After I brush my teeth I role out the yoga mat, grab the weights and do my 30mins SWEAT workout. It takes me about 3mins to wake up and be more into the workout but once I do I pump out those lunges and stupid sit-ups. Once I have done that, I make tea and stretch while I check the calendar to see whats on other than work. I sound like some magical wonder women right? WRONG! Its actually really nice and relaxing just doing some nice long deep stretches while sorting out my day. Plus, as mothers know, having kids can f**k up your body so I like to keep all that flexible and loose, while keeping my other shit tight AF

Step 3. Actually getting to work

Right so I have my son 2 mornings of the week day. So days i have my son, I will have his food ready the night before and his bag packed for childcare cause I don’t have time for that in the morning. I like to look out for future self. So While he eats, I eat. Normally I eat his food and he eats mine. Ill eat faster so he can finish his meal while I get dressed, drop him to childcare, go to work. Right, now days I don’t have him. I normally eat in my room while I take my time to pick an outfit. I stuff my face while I throw on some makeup, then I pack up my work stuff and get in the car.

Now. How easy was that? Cause I’m pretty exhausted from just reading it. I learnt that if I skip one of those steps then my day is done for. I’ll either run late, forget shit, or my son will protest getting in the car longer than normal. Really its the workouts that help kick start my day and my motivation. Its not always that simple though. We get sick, we get periods, we get in moods, and life happens every single day. So I will never tell you that you can start every day at the top, but you can at least try and start it off on a slightly better foot than the day before ended.

I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m not a motivator, but as long as you try something, ANYTHING, different til you find what works for you, then you are better off.

Hopefully if I could help you out, or at least make you smile reading this and if I didn’t do either of those thing then clearly we don’t share the same sense of humor, or you are having a bad day, in which case just tell that day to go F**k off.

As always, thanks for reading and have a boss as day,

Lots of love,

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