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Gardens and Beyond

During the afternoon sun that came through the trees on Easter Friday, my friend Lizzy and I where adventuring the Botanical gardens of Canberra to find choice locations to shoot in. With many onlookers wondering what the hell was going on, we explored every inch of the rain forest section and all of is beauty. From top to middle to bottom, we climb the stairs and stared at the beauty within.

I had only recently visited the gardens once before and thought “why haven’t I been here sooner!?” Its so pretty. So why pick this location for our shoot?

  • There is 5 different themed sections in the garden which make it easier to re-locate and to change up the scene! Its amazing! We only used one because it suited the aim of our shoot. Our inspo was boho and nature.
  • The over grown greenery, the filtered light, and the vibrant colors it presented.
  • Unless you are shooting a wedding, its free to shoot there! Again! Locations galore!
  • Because of the large area it covers, you can be pretty confident you wont have to fight with other site-seeing people also visiting the gardens….at least not TOO much.
  • THE WATER DRAGONS! There is this beautiful pond and rock water fall that’s amazing and has many many MANY water dragons hiding in it. Making a fun area to play “spot it!”

So if people are looking at rain forests, open plains, tall trees, or green green grass, then you should really check out the gardens for your next shooting location. Not only are the grounds amazing there is a great cafe and visitors center to get some goodies and coffee during your adventures. Its now my new favorite place to visit and shoot

BONUS – Jindii eco spa does Yoga and other classes there as well! So go check that out, you might find something you like.

If you want more info on the gardens then check out – Botanical Gardens

Hit up the contact page if you got anything for me!

Now here is one of the photos from the shoot.

Photographer – Lizzy Luna –

HMUA/Model – Yours Truly29939552_10155602391247473_1679815647_n

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