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The Women Body

Hey, so it has been a while since I posted anything or written anything up. But this has been sparking in my mind for a while. It might not be informative and might be more sharing my thoughts but hey, thats what blogs are good for!

The Women body. Its beautiful, strong, wonderful, amazing, perfect, imperfect, resiliant and so much more. Yet soceity will try to control it. We are told, taught, see, and pressured into believing that it isnt your own. You are a child barer. You are support for your successful husband. You are a mother. You belong in the house. You are to be controlled. You are to be judged without a voice to stand againest it. There is so many things that are stopping some women from being the bad ass bitch that they are ment to be or can be! We are seen as objects, peices of meat in mini skirts and it has to stop.

When I was younger I had a very boring body. No boobs, no ass, long legs was about all I had going for me. But I didnt care. I was a gamer and an IT nerd. How I stood out was my loud personality (and voice!) but what thats not what this post is about. I grew up and I did a lot of things that are kept quiet and you dont speak up about or post publicly. Why? Cause why the fuck not. I didnt like things about my body so I changed it. I’m stubborn and I don’t give a shit if someone else doesnt approve of what I did cause at the end of the day its MY body, its MY choice and its MY life. We need to stop trying to tell people what they can and cant do(except for the illegal stuff….you should stop that). We need to support each other openly with no judgement and instead maybe a word or two of concern if its warrent.

If you have seen my previous blogs then you know I am open to a lot of things. 99% of the time I get a great feedback and a lot of DM’s about things I had done, where, how much, etc. What I see a lot is people being glad that I posted it and informed them of the wonders of cosmetics. What makes me sad is when I get people messaging to tell me that others have shamed them because they thought of getting botox, or being told they are fake or plastic for wanting a nose job. Why? It is 100% possible to love yourself with or without changes. Ladies we gotta stop judging each other for thier choices all because its not one we would make and instead embrace it with them and help them get all the information they need to make the best choice.

I am perfectly imperfect. I love myself and push to be better. I also try to help motivate other women to be powerful, strong and the person they are capable of. I mean sure I have shit times and get down as well. It’s life so its hard to not have bad times but I know who I have to support me.

I think every lady has BRA’s. What are BRA’s? they are the people who support you. They will pull you up. Hold you tightly. They help keep your shit together. They will hug you (sometimes too tightly) and every now and then they will let you get your crazy tit out. We all have them and they will forever help ground you.

Ladies, love each other. Dont shame. Dont judge, you dont know thier story. Get control back. Take back your body. It is yours and you own it, control it and look after it so why not love the heck out of it and be the bad-ass you know you are? Like holy crap you can CREATE A TINY PERSON!! Like…. how is that not some magical unicorn shit right there!?!?! No one can tell you what you can and cant do. No one can tell you that you arent hot shit and sexy af. Only you can and lets be honest if you think you arent Hot as, then its okay, you are wrong! But most importantly, be You! love you! Love your body with all its perfectly imperfect parts.

Love always,



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