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Happy New years 2019

2019 Goals and 2018 reflections

Firstly, Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you had a safe yet super fun night celebrating it whichever way you chose. With a new year comes the time for people to reflect on their accomplishments of the previous year and start planning goals for the new year’s. But some of you might be lost…what should you be doing this year to better yourself, your situation, your life and your friends and families relationship? You will see people who seem to have it all sorted out, posting their goals and dreams on day one, but don’t get discouraged. You have all the time in the world, because really, it’s just another day, and you can start setting goals and dreams any day of the year!

Last year I didn’t have any goals. I was happy in my family, with my friends, my fitness level had improved, and my baby boy was turning one soon. Nothing wrong without having any goals! However, I think reflecting is far more important. Looking back over the past helps us make a better future. This is how people decide on their goals most of the time because they see mistakes made, opportunities get opened, and new and old relationships come and go. So, I want to share with you my reflection and some dreams.

2018 was better than 2017 to say the least. I saw myself improve in my work, try new things, and travel to new places. I did my first Europe trip as a family, I celebrated my sons 1st birthday, throwing up and at home after he gave literally everyone he met some horrendous stomach bug the day prior, I made new friends, I started doing trivia which I never thought I would do! I started a fitness program and picked up tennis, and I stood up as a mother more as my son grew. All positive things, right? Well, there is always negative…

I spent a lot of time getting back into modelling and acting, with a shift of my work roster I found I was spending less time with my family as a result. Less family outings, and I noticed I became more grumpy and snappy. I lost my most beloved bunny, Sniffles which was a very low time for me. It took me weeks to get out of that slump because that bunny was such an emotional support to me. I started to lose myself over the year, the cheerful fun and outgoing person I was, I was withdrawing to the couch more, I was becoming bitter and spiteful.

It happens, and therefore we should always spend time to reflect. With the good and the bad I can set out clear goals in the future and the new year’s just gives us a good time to start.

I want to be happier for my son and spend more time with him, be more active again with friends, going out and having fun, I will always want to do better at modelling and acting and will look at classes to take to improve myself, and I will try to be more positive, and spend more time with friends.

Simple goals and nothing over the top, that’s all you need. You don’t need anything amazing like hit 1mil followers on Instagram! Or becoming a celebrity. I mean, if there is your goal then good luck and I will support you all the way. But like I said, you got all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do! You can change your mind if you want and no one has the right to judge you for that.

Just be you, be happy and live life day by day!

Happy New years


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