Being a mum with a career

In today’s society the idea of mums being stay at home are less and less. The government is trying to assist in making it capable of working with a child. Whether you have a partner or not.I’ll never say it’s easy. Nothing is impossible, just hard.

As a mum who is career driven. Always trying to step up in the IT world, always wanting to be skilled and full of knowledge, I wanted to try answer as many questions as possible to give other mums or soon to be mums comfort in knowing, having a child doesn’t put a stop on you living your life. It’s all about balance and knowing your limits and your child’s.

How do you get back to work after maternity leave?

Ease in first. It will be a big adjustment to you. Your child may be with family or childcare while you work, but don’t feel bad to go back only 2 or 3 days a week. Your body, mind, and soul is adjusting and healing all the time. So take your time.

How do you deal with social pressure to be a “good” mum?

Society can go get fucked. It’s that simple. I hate the idea that others have any right or say in how you live your life. It’s your body and your life. No one is a perfect mum. But I feel ya. It has hit me hard so often that I feel I’m not a good mum. But my son loves me. We talk, we hug, and we are both growing together. Don’t worry about others and you will feel a lot lighter. Worry about you and your family and the love you have.

Do you feel your career stops or goes a step backwards?

I’m not gonna lie. This will always vary. But the truth is having a child shouldn’t put you a step backwards in your life and career. It’s a step forward.I was lucky to have a supporting team and job. I had the ability to work from home and did so for the first 6 months (I only had 2 months of maternity leave) then Sora had childcare 2 days a week and I would go to the office those days and work at home the rest. Slowly the days increased.But I never took a step back. In fact not long after I got back to work I was taking steps forward by stepping up in my role and taking on my responsibilities. It just all comes down to you.

If you have any questions let me know. I’ll answer them best I can.Meanwhile here is my tips for you:

You are doing a good job

Social media is a lie. Don’t use that as your bench mark.

Your body will recover. It will take as much time as it needs and varies person to person.

You are doing a good job.

Every child is different.dont compare yours to others.

Take your time. Learn your self limits. Your stress and limits will be tested more than you can imagine when you have a child.

It’s okay to have breakfast for dinner.

Don’t listen to others negativity





Love and respect yourself.

As always.

Take it easy!


Cosy with Samantha

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