Q&A with Me

This website has been around for a while, and while I’m not over ally active on it as much as I would like to be (keep in mind I made this during maternity leave and was bored) I still like to hope that I can help even 1 person. I talk a lot about myself experiences and I’m always really glad how many it sparks a cord with! But at the same time I don’t talk *a lot* about me and who I am. So here is some question I have gotten from you and my answers.

What do you do for work?
I am a Senior Network Engineer by day. This is my income that I live off. Everything else is for fun. I also do freelance Modelling and Acting and have now for 10 years. I build websites for small business with the aim to get them to manage the site themselves through education and simple to use platforms. I also draw. I don’t advertise that I am an artist for hire but I have done my fair share in logo designs, concept art, and commissions.

Are you Married and what about your son?
I was. Divorced is pretty much finalised now and I get to live a happy single life for the first time since I was like 15years old. My ex husband and I share our son 50/50 which is perfect for us. I think we both would rather a 60% spilt but that’s not really possible 😂. Our Son is perfectly happy and perfect little boy who is perfect and happy and we love him.

Why modelling/acting?
This is going to be a lame answer apologies in advance. When I was 14 I was told “You are tall, you should model” Not “You are pretty!” But “you are TALL” So I took that and got in. My head I wanted to model. Acting however was something I really enjoyed and was told I had a very expression-filled face. Also I am a Taurus and middle child so I love to be centre of attention.

Why IT?
It wasn’t always IT. I did a dip in 3D animation to be a concept artist but it was hard to find a gaming business in Australia. I play a lot of games. All my time is on MMORPGs. So It was natural. Troubleshooting computer problems was natural. My grandad worked in IT, my uncle and Aunty did as well.
I also enjoy fighting standards. Women in IT engineering roles is low (like 8% in actually engineering positions) so back to being centre of attention, being a female in IT is like a sunflower in field of grass. With that, I go out to universities and tafe to talk to women studying IT programs to help answer questions and encourage them to follow their passion despite the majority of the field being men.

Why Do you like Japan so much?
Ever been? No? Go and you will see why its the most amazing place. The people are beautiful, the culture is amazing and its just wonderful. Plus Astro boy was born in Japan and its my love!
When I was pregnant I was hell bent on giving my son a Japanese name that was western sounding (So easy for non Japanese speaking people to say). Now I have Sora.

Favourite Animal?
Rabbits! Obviously! I have 3 of them and while they shit everywhere and I have to clean their room every day and their litter box every 3-4 days I still love them. They are smart if trained and have wonderful personalities.

BoardGames or Video Games?
Both? BoardGames are great for friends when they come visit and more fun in person, however I’ll never turn down some chill time with kingdom hearts, animal crossing, or some other fun rpg game.

Thats about it, but if you have any questions for me let me know and I will no doubt do another Q&A blog later.

As always, lots of love


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