Lockdown Take 3

That’s right! I have a 2 other articles about lockdown and what the shit you should do to keep yourself sane and entertained.


Let’s get down to business. This lockdown isn’t suspected to last as long as the first one we had last year but we should all strap ourselves in for the ride! So here I am again, to give you the low down on the real fun and easy stuff you can do with friends, family, aunties, grandparents and pets alike! So shall we get into it??

Online Games

WAIT! Hear me out here. I’m not talking about your LOL or DOTA shitty crap games that suck (I’m not here to make friends) I am talking about really nice and fun group games that are short and simple to play. Here is a list of some:

Codenames – ONLINE! : in this game you have to help your team mates guess your spy’s codenames with 1 word hints before the other team finds their spys
Jackbox Party pack : It’s a pack! What more can I say! It’s full of different games like drawing, trivia, fake it, etc
GaticPhone : Think Chinese whispers but drawing 😀
Secret Hitler : Someone is hitler. You have to figure out who he is and his supports and don’t let them get into power!
Psych : Bamboozle your friends into picking fake answers to REAL trivia questions
Plato: its a bunch of multiple games like UNO, Battleship, Ludo and other card games. You can have lots of people playing with you”
Mario Kart Tour : Mario kart BUT ON THE PHONE!! Kick your friends Ass in Mario cart and fine the real winner
Spyfall: It’s like clue/clue do with the Spy selected at random. You gotta ask each player questions to see who knows the real secret and who the spy is before they catch on.
Time Heist: Trivia but with a twist!

Alright that’s pretty much all I had for this lockdown article. Just a whole Bunch of games to play online.
But Sam! How ever will we hear each other while we play these games online? What a great question. I will let you in on some great platforms to use for online streaming and screen sharing:

Discord : Hands down this was MADE for online games. Either get the app on your phone or join in the web browser from your computer. Just sign up and you are down.
Google Meets: Everyone has Gmail these days so this one is pretty easy and a simple way to share screens and chat with friends.
Others are Teams and Zoom: Honestly I would recommend the others since they are easy to use and slightly more secure to a degree. Also I am bias.

You know what…this blog seems kinda short. Let me throw in another option for you to take on:

Online Wine and Painting!

Social Creative Canberra is amazing. They do wine and painting but have be able to adjust this creative and fun activity to online. You can every pre-order the packages. They will send you the paint and brushes plus canvas prior to the event. You just need to supply the wine.
It’s real simple. Check our their instagram and website to see the online events they have coming up. They will then do a live stream or zoom and paint along with you and answer your questions! Lots of fun and you get a dope as painting at the end of it! Or you get a semi-par picture that looks great cause you drank more than you actually painted. EITHER WAY! It’s amazing! Check them out here


Remember you have friends and family to talk to while you go through this lockdown. You aren’t alone! So grab a drink of choice and video chat with someone or play some games! We can enjoy this lockdown together and make the most out of it! Stay Positive.

As always, much love xoxoxo


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