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Birthday Shoot Surprise

So back in early september a friend reached out with a birthday gift idea. Her friend was going to having her birthday soon and this girl wanted to surprise her. Originally the plan was for the surprise to happen in Adelaide. However plans changed and the surprise was moved to Canberra.

Her friend was semi-new to modelling and she really enjoyed it, so what better gift to give her then a fully planned, prepared and styled photoshoot? I was asked if I could help as I knew the Canberra industry well and had my ways to reach out and get people for the shoot.

2 months later we had the shoot ready to go. The models mum knew about it and all she had to do was deliver the model at the agreed upon time and destination.

Morning of the shoot (5am mind you!!) The model arrived at my house. This is where I informed her that she was going to come with me to get her hair and makeup done. I had just finished packing the outfits when we headed to the MUA’s house.


Natalie is super lovely and talented lady who has done my makeup before and I loved it. We spent an hour with her getting hair and makeup done before we drove off to the location.

Due to the lighting we wanted to get in the photo it had to be an early shoot. Chaz and Andrea was waiting for us, gear in hand ready to shoot.  I think it’s safe to say that the Model (Rochelle) Loved her birthday surprise, maybe minus the early morning wake up.

The photos turned out amazing! So we had to share them with everyone!

Big thanks to the team of players who helped make this birthday wish come true!

  • Caz who was the secret gift giver
  • Rochelle who was our amazing model
  • Natalie who did such amazing hair and make up
  • Chaz for his brilliant photography skills
  • Andrea for helping with lighting

Links to all their pages can be found here

Thanks for Reading and Happy Holidays!
If you ever wanna plan a shoot yourself, then go check out my article on how to plan a shoot ❤

Lots of Love
Cosy with Sam

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