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My New Alien Chest

The joys of breast augmentation

Boob jobs are pretty common these day and fairly affordable if you have a stable or decent job (I say affordable but prices for a good doctor range from 10-20k) However the technology has caught up and even with all the scares that go along with the surgery, provided nothing goes wrong  you only have to get them done once. No need to replace them in 10 years’ time like it used to be or as we have all heard the rumour of as most silicon ones come with a life time warranty because they are that sure in their product.

I’ve wanted to get mine done for ages and figured I’d share my full week by week recovery and feel for the first 6 weeks. I will do a final comparison at 6 months which is when they say your boobs have finally been accepted by the motherland and found their rightful place in your chest.

Quick info for you. I saw Dr milovic in Canberra, I got 350cc implants and it cost me $11,000.

If you want the short version then please jump right on down to the bottom or just message me your questions !


Let’s start with Day 1-3 first.


I was literally drugged off my tits for the first 3 days cause of the drugs and prescription drugs I got given after I was discharged. The nurses were super lovely and because Canberra is small the one who was looking after me shared a mutual friend. For the first hour after I woke up I was in and out of sleep due to the anaesthetics as well as the slow release drug they gave me for pain management, which was surprisingly minimal. After I was more awake and less being asleep I found it hurt a little to breath deep or talk. My whole chest felt bruised. The pain didn’t lift but it was very bearable. After about another hour I was moved over to the chairs, slowly. Again the nurses were super lovely and helpful and they gave me tea and a sandwich. Don’t be surprised if you struggle to eat. Also don’t even try to open any doors. It will hurt!

imag7585.jpgBloating! I looked 5months pregnant and then 8months pregnant after eating.  This can last a few weeks I was told. Also when you or your carer gets your scripts filled, get locatives as well. The antibiotics along with just having surgery will block you up! Like, you aint going to be shitting for a good few days without them. Plus side, this will also help with lowering your bloating. I slept on the couch at night so I could get up without waking my husband to help me because you don’t realise how much you use your chest muscles to sit up. I also noticed sleeping slightly elevated result in my chest not feeling tight in the morning. On day 2 my nipples were either numb or HIGHLY sensitive which was fun if you asked my husband or boyfriend.  Your skin might feel tight as its being stretched a bit, this is normal due to the swelling which will take a few weeks to go down but obviously if it’s too painful call your doctor!

Walk. This helps blood flow and circulation and helps avoid blood clots. It’s also the only exercise you can do for the next 3-6 weeks.

Day 3-7

MAKEUP_20190424145920_saveBy day 4 I was off the strong drugs and just on the nurophen sometimes. Still bloated and looking pregnant, my chest didn’t feel as bruised and I could take deeper breaths (Advised to avoid collapsed lungs!). I could dress myself by this point which was a win!  By day 4 I could open doors, sometimes it would take two hands but I got it! I was still very limited with my movements and abilities to do things. You might find you will still move slow and carefully because even small trip ups will hurt like hell. I was able to take a bath to help dab myself clean because you cannot get those dressings wet! Don’t be afraid to ask for help as well. You will need it and it’s far better than hurting yourself and causing a longer healing process.

Week 1-2.

imag7824.jpgI saw the nurse to get the dressings removed which meant I could finally shower! In the meantime I had been dab washing myself. I got my hair cleaned at a saloon because you can’t raise your arms above your head for the first 3 weeks and my hair was bad! Pain was lifting; I could drive now but still was very careful. I kept my activities low and within my limit. I made sure not to push and challenge myself outside of what the doctor told me. No cleaning of the house, no weights and no running. I was still limited in movement a little bit such as getting dressed was still a bit slow, and opening doors i was super careful about.



Week 3-4

IMAG8275By this point I started to sleep on my side a bit more however noted one side was easier to sleep on than the other. I had a check-up with the doctor who gave me the okay to start doing lower body workouts, obviously, slowly! This was great because I was going a bit crazy from the lack of exercise I couldn’t do. Bloating had almost completely gone. Picking up my son was my limit and I couldn’t hold him for too long without feeling a slight strain. Stretches in the torso was a big no. Those cuts are still new and healing and you will feel it!I was also able to start doing some low level cleaning to help out at home a bit more. but took it easy and knew my limit

Week 5-6

MAKEUP_20190604135536_saveExercises are continuing. I have started a list of different core exercises I can do based on the strain it may indirectly or directly put on my chest. Leg workouts are pretty open and easy as they don’t impact my chest at all provided I don’t jump around! I will be writing up a separate blog for my ease back into workout activities I did for the first 4 weeks. Healing and pain wise everything was almost back to normal. No stretching or twisting of the upper half as you will feel it.



6 Weeks plus

By now everything is back to normal. You can start working up your weights, running, diving, anything you want but do it slowly and carefully until you are comfortable. Your doctor is always there for questions as well!

I found I was back to normal not long after 6 weeks. I was back to dancing, slowly doing tennis, and smashing those workouts sensibly and within my limits

Things to Note:

  • You will have a tape to put over your incisions for a few weeks to help keep them clean and protected.
  • At first they will feel firm and fake, don’t worry! As the swelling goes down and they settle it feels normal. Along with this your chest might feel tight.
  • Don’t massage them unless the doctor specifically advises you too
  • Feeling depressed is common after surgery. If it’s hard to manage please reach out to your doctor or lifeline.
  • I got sick easily during healing because your body is trying to heal! So be aware of that and stay healthy.
  • No smoking and no drinking for a the first few weeks
  • It takes 6 months for them to settle
  • There is a chance you will lose sensitivity in your nipples.
  • My right boob healed faster than my left and gave me no issues. Also common


Here is the shorter side of the process!

Pain and recovery after surgery will vary with each person. Don’t be afraid to ask others to help you, you just had your muscles cut into, that shit gonna take time to heals itself and get good again. Take it easy but don’t bed rest. Get up and walk around slowly and gently after the surgery to help with the recovery. The first 3 weeks are the hardest part of recovery but if you can get past it you will be thankful for the rest of your life. I love my boobs. They are perfect size for me and I still fit into all my clothes. I happily invite people to touch them in public, it’s not weird, you’re weird!

My Doctor was informative, and He explained everything regarding fears around breast cancer linked with boob jobs, as well as healing process and provides you with a detailed list of what you can and can’t do while you heal. Dont smoke. It slows down healing. Dont drink for the first 3 weeks. Everything else, Ask! dont be afriad to ask questions. you need to feel comfortable and confident with this choice.

This is my before and After. I didnt go big. I got 350cc both sides. 

 Blasting this fake wall of judgement and secrets as if I should be ashamed I got them done is disgusting and I hate it. I wrote this blog to share my experience and to knock down this horrible label that comes with breast jobs. It’s your life; it’s your body, so do whatever the flip you want! Do what makes you happy. *THIS* made me happy.

If you have any questions I didn’t answer in the long or short version, please reach out. I am always so happy to answer all the questions I possibly can regarding the process.


Anyways, Happy Days and enjoy your Tea





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