Hi All and welcome!

If you are looking at this page then it either means you found it via my social media page, or you were foolish enough to click on the google search outcome that may have been only slightly relative to what you wanted to find and as such, accidentally stumbled into my den.

Either way I am glad you stopped by. Now let me explain what you got yourself into. To simply put it this is a page for all my adventures with my family. This will come across in mediums such as art, photos, and maybe even videos (yes we are THAT fancy).

I will be posting the adventures of being a mother, an artist and travelling of course! There may be some crude and vulgar language and there will DEFINITELY be alcohol of various kinds.

So please, grab some popcorn, a glass of your preferred beverage and find something better to do than browse my page!

-Yuki Pandaz-
*This me! Ps: I also do modeling occasionally*

Sam Autumn High Res-9

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